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Shortcuts in Software to Avoid Hard Life

We propose shortcuts and creative approaches to office work. We flow back and forth between the screen and the body, as we so often do in our working lives. Computer based administrative work is boring but unavoidable, while body work is healing magic, so we merge the two in this workshop. We share practical computer & internet skills; show useful keyboard command shortcuts; and provide some answers to the question “Why don’t I have any space left on my computer?”

Shortcuts in Software

Spoon Talk

How do we connect and communicate with other bodies?

This workshop emerges from the research of my one-on-one performance piece SpoonTalk. By holding each other we share space, time and a rhythm of breath, in a practice of deep listening, care, and connection.


Improvisation for Performance

Working with breath, sensation, movement, voice, & imagination, we explore the space around and within us. We activate layers of the self, explore somatic landscapes, play games and take imaginative journeys.

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