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Keyboard and Mouse

Shortcuts in Software to avoid hard life

Do you find yourself sitting in front of your screen more often than you'd like?  In this workshop we are proposing some admin shortcuts while inspiring creativity by integrating these ideas using physical activities. We will flow back and forth between the screen and the body, as we so often do in our working lives. Computer based administrative work is boring but unavoidable, while body work is healing magic, 

so we thought of merging the two in this workshop.  


We will be looking at some practical computer & internet skills, showing useful keyboard command shortcuts; suggesting free versions of spreadsheets and photo editing software to avoid paying the big corporations; how to successfully connect a beamer; and providing some answers to the question “Why don’t I have any space left on my computer?”


Each nugget of information will be coupled with a physical or somatic task to engage and activate the full body and integrate the information with humor and sensation. We will also do a ritual to mourn lost data and time wasted on bureaucracy. This workshop will be heavily Mac orientated but not exclusively so, anyone is welcome to join, regardless of your operating system orientation.

This workshop was created in collaboartion with artist Tom O' Doherty.

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