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Collaboration with Cork Dance Initiative


Cork Dance Initiatives's debut event took place at the Cork Midsummer Festival 2021, for which they created a series of live, in person, and virtual bite-sized events under the title In It For The Long Run. The four members of CDI each provided an opportunity to creatively engage with an aspect of CDI’s formation. Through their mini-commission I attended the online events and will write a short impression of each offering below. I will also create a hand made response to each, which I will deliver to each practitioner personally. 


Lisa Cliffe focused on what is needed to nourish and grow something new with a meet and greet stall at the Coal Quay, Cork City.

An act of Seeding, leading to the Dissemination of Ideas, Caring, Nourishing, Growing. 

I plant seeds on my balcony and watch them Thrive and Spoil. The endless spiral of life: composition, decomposition, composting, recomposition, shifting position, redistribution, growth.


Luke Murphy considerd the principles that guide coming together in an online movement score which can be viewed and danced to. 

Observing the visual layering of dancers in digital space, I feel inspired to add the movement of my voice to the score.

Singing, Layering. Contributing.

I record another vocal layer, a song, a collaboration of vibrations.


Siobhán Ní Dhuinnín reflected on conversations about the value of dance through movement and text in a live stream from her garden.  

Choreographed Conversations, Comhrá Chruthach, Moving Talks. 

Collecting known words to create unknown poems.  Words have power to move us.  Community, Sensation, Fun.

When you think of dance what comes to mind? Why do we dance?

Ruairí Ó’Donnabháin questioned the methods and philosophies that inform collaboration and the creation of CDI, in an online performance lecture informed by his neighbours and butter. 

Butter dance: im / I am. Text as dense as pure fat.  Melting, Making, Kinship

Long lives lived together, togetherness brings comfort and discomfort,

What is my response-ability? How do I respond?

Where do we go from here? 

The Cork Dance Initiative can be viewed at:

'In It For The Long Run' is funded by Arts Council, Ireland, Dance Ireland with kind support from Cork Midsummer Festival & Uillinn, West Cork Arts Centre.

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