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Lucky You!

A live game show about luck and privilege.

The opportunities we are offered in life are stringently controlled by outside unseen forces and there is often much less luck involved than we are led to believe. Contestants have to use their cultural capital in exchange for success in the game. Just as in life, there will be distractions, prizes, concessions, buy-outs, go-for-brokes, and phone-a-friends. The game does not begin with the first question or roll of the dice, but much earlier than that.

The game is a microcosm, in which your life’s circumstances contend with challenges, questions, and time itself. You are the only currency you’ve got to play the game.

Lucky You! Image 1.jpg
Lucky You! Image 2.jpg

Commissioned by COVEN BERLIN for nGbK

Concept: Cathy Walsh

Performance: Cathy Walsh and Ethan Folk

Choreographic assistance: James Riordan

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